There are about 30 bus routes in the urban areas of Tai’an, most of which pass by the Taishan Railway Station. Thus, it is advisable to take busses to the Railway Station and then transfer for various attractions. For instance, visitors can take the Bus No.3 here, the two terminals of which are located at the base of Mount Taishan. One terminal is Tianwaicun where travelers can board a bus that will travel up the mountain, while the other is Hongmen where visitors are able to ascend by foot.

Additionally, Bus No.4 passes by the railway station can reach the Dai Temple, which is also a start point for hiking Mount Taishan. Bus No.16 departing from the railway station is a special tour line to the Peach Blossom Ravine. Special Tour Bus No.2 starts from the Taishan Railway Station traveling to Tianzhu Peak, where you can also begin a hike up Mount Taishan.

Tip: Usually, taking a city-bus should cost CNY1-2 per person (self-service ticketing). Please prepare CNY1-2 before boarding.