Between two villages of Donglin and Xilin in Manzhuang town of Daiyue district and on the southern side of Jinniu hill lies the grand and delicate tomb of Xiao Daheng, an important minister of the Ming dynasty.

Xiao Daheng(1532-1612), born in Tai’an and known by the courtesy name Xiaqing and pseudonym Yuefeng, was a famous statesman and strategist in the Ming dynasty. He was an official during the reigns of Jiajing, Longqing and Wanli, and served as ministers of war and justice.

There have been many stories among the local people about Xiao Daheng in the past hundreds of years. He served for three reigns of the Ming dynasty and made such great contributions in preserving peace of the frontier that the Ming government inscribed couplets on his tomb in praise of him.

After Xiao’s death, Emperor Shenzong of Ming ordered a tomb be built for him and it took six years to build the tomb.

The tomb, facing south at the foot of a hill, is composed of two stone tablets of ten meters high and nine meters wide, each with four pillars forming three gates, and two hexagonal steles of eleven meters all embossed with designs of clouds. There are two stone figures, a military officer and a civil officer, a pair of stone horses, a pair of stone goats, and a pair of stone tigers. Tourists are often amazed at the  carvings on the steles.

Reasons for recommendation: The carving art of the tomb is appreciated by people. What is special is that all the designs of the carvings are different from each other. There are also stone lions, goats, horses and tigers, which, according to the local people, represent loyalty, filial piety, chastity and righteousness respectively.

Admission: Free of tickets

Transportation: Drive along National Highway 104 from Tai’an to Manzhuang town, turn west to Manxia road, drive along to Zhongchunyu village, and then drive north for 5 kilometers