The Tianyi lake scenic area is a place for beach relaxation, nchildren amusement, natural scenery sightseeing and snacks. With a planning area of 8.6 km2 and water area of 5.2 km2, it covers a total area of 800 mu (53.3 hectares) with an overall storage capacity of 59.2 million m3. The scenic area, thanks to the natural beautiful environment of Tianyi Lake and its unique advantageous location, has become more and more popular among tourists.

In the square of the area there is a grand children amusement park, which consists of eight amusement programs. It is amusing, sporty, fun and safe and has become an amusement kingdom for children.There are 27 amusement activities in the scenic area, such as the ghost house, pirate boats, 5D cinema, bumper cars, etc.

Tianyi Lake is built based on Shengli reservoir, the second biggest reservoir in Daiyue district. With a storage capacity of million m3 and the deepest place being 32 meters deep, it is the biggest body of water at the southern side of Mt. Tai, where there are beautiful flowers and grass and birds of various kinds. The blue and white pier and the clear lake water form a good combination of man-made and natural beauty. There are six big pleasure boats and tens of boats and yachts, on which one can feel indulged in the beauty of the lake.

At the dock there is also the biography of Xiao Daheng, a famous statesman and strategist of the Ming dynasty who had served as the minister of war and justice and was praised by the emperors and was loved by both the ministers and the common people.

In the east of the area is a big stage equipped with advanced light and sound equipment. It has the biggest and most professional performing organization in Tai’an.

At night with the starry sky with gentle breeze, it must be a great pleasure sitting by the lake and drinking with a couple of friends while appreciating the beauty of the lake and watching the performance on the stage.

Reasons for recommendation: Tianyi Lake has a vast body of water with willows lining the lake side. There are islands in the distance. In the scenic area, there is an artificial beach of 38,000 m2. At the beach there is a long wooden pier and in the lake there are boats and yachts. In the area there are amusement attractions, such as pirate boats, bumper cars, log flume ride, ghost house, etc. There is big parking area with 1,600 parking lots and barbecue city which can hold 15,000 diners.

Admission: General ticket, RMB 15; discount ticket, RMB 8. Additional fees are charged for different amusement items.

Address: Binhu Road, Dawenkou Industrial Park, Daiyue District, Tai’an

Tel: 0538-8155999

Opening hours: 8:00 AM-9:00 PM


By car: 1) Get off expressway at Tai’an Xi, drive east along Taishan Street till National Highway 104, drive along 104 till Gaocheng Huayuan (Gaocheng Garden), and then drive east. 2) Get off Jinghu or Jingfu Expressway at Tai’an Nan, drive north till Gaocheng Huayuan (Gaocheng Garden), and then drive east.3) Drive south along Longtan Road from Tai’an city. 4) Drive south along Culaishan highway.

By bus: Take bus K26.