When one enters Tianlecheng, what comes into sight first is a magnificent, uniquely shaped architecture with gorgeous paintings outside, its cross section in a shape of unfolding fan. This is what is called the water world. Inside the water world, one could see colorful amusement equipment and artificial peak mountains, and meanwhile hear the brawling of waves and running water, as the water world is featured by the ancient theme of “getting close to water” in its modern way.

Wave Pool

The ancient Chinese people have a special love for waves, and created numerous wave-themed poems. The modern people love waves as well, and they have created the activity of surfing. They have also built wave pools where there are no seas. Artificial waves of various kinds created by air bumping are comparable to the real waves. It is a favorite place for young people they can indulge themselves in the sea by playing with waves.

Rainbow Slide

The rainbow, often compared to colored ribbons in poems, is the sun’s gift to the earth to add its color. The rainbow slide is the place where colored slide ways are built. Different from the usual slides, this is of a horizontal wavy type built for recreation and competition purposes. There are altogether six separate and identical slides where six tourists shuttle down along each of the six slides from a tower of 12 meters. This makes a perfect place for youngsters who enjoy challenges and thrills.

Giant Water Castle

The giant water castle is a giant water recreation area where there are various water slides, fountains, rainforests and water toys. It is surrounded with ancient famous trees and crisscrossed with stairs and slide ways, which presents a complicated and mysterious atmosphere. Tourists of all age groups can find an opportunity to indulge themselves in the world of clear water. This particularly makes a world of utmost pleasure for kids and children.

Super Bowl Slide

Tourists slide down from the platform in rafts and rush in a super bowl with a diameter of 12 meters  after a slide in a translucent tube. Centrifugal force keeps them sliding along the inner side of the bowl until friction slows them to a terminal flume where they drop out of the super bowl. This gives people a totally new experience. There is also an observatory deck where tourists can watch people side down.

Whirlwind Slide

The maximum diameter of the whirlwind slide is 14.2 meters, and the minimum is 3.65 meters. Its sliding section measures 2.7 meters by 38.5 meters, and the buffering section measures 3.04 meters by 12.04 meters. Tourists sit in rafts, ride down from a platform of 12 meters and whirl into the side at high speed. This makes a thrilling experience and is the favorite for young people.

Reasons for recommendation:

The Tianlecheng water world, with its advanced equipment, is the largest indoor year-round water recreation program in Asia. There is an automatic temperature controlling system, which provides the most comfortable water temperature as well as indoor temperature for tourists all year around, even in cold winter. It also has an advanced water processing system as well as fresh air, which provides tourists with a healthy, comfortable and safe water themed experience.

Admission: Monday to Friday: RMB 98 (no meals), RMB 128 (meals included); Saturday and Sunday: RMB 128 (no meals), RMB 166 (meals included).

Free tickets are available for children under 1.3 meters, and senior citizens and student reporters with valid certificates.

The disabled and servicemen enjoy half price by presenting valid certificates.

Life buoy and raft rent: 15 yuan (single), 30 yuan (double), 35yuan (triple), free (quadruple).

Opening hours: 9:00-21:00

Tel: 0538-5055555

Address: Beiliu Street, Dawenkou Industrial Park, Daiyue District, Tai’an


By bus: Take shuttle bus(from bus station to Gaocheng Garden), and get off at Tianlecheng, or take bus K26, get off at the terminal and walk west for 1,000 meters.

By car: Drive down along national highway 104, and get off highway at Manzhuang Town, and then drive on for 2 kilometers, or drive along Jingtai Expressway, get off expressway at Manzhuang, drive along national highway 104 for 1 kilometer, and then drive to the right and on for 1 kilometer.

Drive up along national highway 104 to Taiqulu(Toll gate), and then drive on for 2 kilometers, or drive along Jingtai Expressway, get off expressway at Manzhuang, drive along national highway 104 for 1 kilometer, and then drive to the right and on for 1 kilometer.

Tips: Please take care of the wristband as it serves as the receipt. No bath towels are admitted. Please follow the instructions. Please take care of your mobile phones in case they fall into the water.