Taishan Liu Laogen big stage culture square is to take the “ northeast song and dance duet ”the  as the core of the performing theater, it is also a comprehensive set of cultural art exhibition, tourism  culture and cultural entertainment, leisure shopping, cultural diet, business hotel and conference reception. The project, jointly invested by Benshan media company limited and Shandong Yuehai, is located in the high-speed Rail group business circle, Daiyue District, Tai’an city. The total construction area of the theatre is 13874 square meters, the highest point of the fifth layer building is 23.25 meters high. The audience seats is divided into two layers, which can accommodate 1200 people, and the total investment is 0.12 billion yuan. It officially opened on September 7,  2013 during Taishan International Mountain festival.

Yue Hai Xintian street culture tourism Plaza has a total planning area of 77.8 mu, building area of 210000 square meters, plans to invest 0.6 billion yuan. To take Liu Laogen big stage performing arts theater as the leading, the  supporting projects, such as four Stars Hotel, Fast hotel, bath center, KTV, bar, office, catering will be introduced into, and regarding the restaurant, the Little Swan and other well-known restaurant brands will be introduced. It Is a collection of culture and art exhibition, cultural and recreational shopping, cultural diet in one comprehensive cultural tourism project. Benshan media Co. Ltd. successfully created Liu Laogen big stage brand with “northeast song and dance duet” as the core, which are deeply adored by most friends. After the completion of the square, the theater will become the most high-level Performing Arts Theater in Tai’an City and even in Shandong province ,which can provide a new cultural, entertainment and leisure place for the people of Tai’an and foreign tourists.

Recommended reason: modern people have more and more pressure in the life, people want to relax the mood, reduce the troubles, and the song and dance duet just to meet this demand, there is a saying in Northeast Ning “To lose a meal, do not abandon the song and dance duet”  . Now, the “Liu Laogen big stage” has been in Tai’an, the popular entertainment form will bring happy laughing to the tourists, we welcome the tourists to come to Tai’an to feel the charm of “song and dance duet”, and the feelings of travel fun to Taian.

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