Taishan hot springs is built by shandong taishan hot spring tourism development co., LTD.. In accordance with the standard of establishing national Five A-Class tourist scenic spot, this project combines not only hot springs health, leisure vacation, business meetings, but also ecological tourism, and other multi-functional sports entertainment. Taishan hot springs covers 1360mu, with the structure area of  430 thousands square meters. The project was  constructed with  three phases and the investment of the first phase is 600 million yuan. Among the project, there is 90000 square meters for planning and construction of mountain forest hot springs health preservation area, international conference reception center, hot spring resort area, ten landscape parks and five functional areas for comprehensive service supporting.

It takes only 20 minutes from scenic spot to taian  urban city, 30 minutes to Mountain Tai and 40 minutes to Qufu. transportation is very convenient, it is within 20 kilometers to beijing-shanghai high-speed, beijing-fuzhou expressway and beijing-shanghai high-speed railway.

Major construction projects of the scenic spot: Hot springs mountain forest health preservation area, international conference reception center, hot spring resort area, the property type mountain hot spring villa, apartment hotel car area, the top of the mountain ecological sport park district, shigandang amorous feelings of folk culture park, the yacht club, outdoor CS training base and characteristics of amorous feelings street downtown, woody grain ecology village, outdoor self-drive open camp, hot springs, business hall and Cu company red mountain culture tourist area, etc.

Now the mountain hot springs health preservation area, indoor swimming pool, SPA, wave pool, borne waterfall pool, fish to abode of fairies and immortals pool, children’s pool, and a series of fitness entertainment facilities have been built. Also, The project set with  Yue Dai Chan soup, Du Zun God soup, Rose springs and so on more than 60 different function of  pools. The other form a complete set such as Chinese, Japanese, southeast courtyard house and more than 30 soups have been built. The reception capacity can reach 10000 people everyday. International conference reception centers, according to the standard of five-star resort hotel building, equipped with 800 guest rooms, 60 restaurants, can host 4000 people. There are 13  meeting rooms which can host 2000 people, one of them- the largest conference room can accommodate more than 800 people.

Water temperature of the Tai shan hot springs can reach  more or less 50℃, the largest water yield is 3800 cubic meter a day. Authorities detection show that the hot spring water with high sulphur, high silicon fluoride, is  rich in, sodium, sulfur of fluorine, bromine, iodine, strontium, lithium, boric acid, metasilicic acid, phosphoric acid and so on many kinds of trace elements which are beneficial to human body and 30 minerals,  named “fluorine, metasilicate” conform to and meet the national standard. The water quality is better than that of national drinking water and hot spring water standards. This water has medical and health care value which can help the blood circulation, strengthen metabolism, improve cardiovascular, prevent senile osteoporosis, relieve muscle tension, and help to eliminate the effect of fatigue; Especially for rheumatoid arthritis, neuralgia, bone hyperplasia, strain of lumbar muscles, neurasthenia, gastrointestinal disorders, such as beauty &skin care has significant curative effect. Soak in hot spring water, can make a person feel warm and comfortable, happy, always beautiful, life live.

High Mountain Tai will never grow old, gugu spring will always be attentive. Stay in  tai shan hot springs natural oxygen bar, enjoy the fairyland of infinite good times, you will  enjoy honorable glorious, consider beauties and ages……

Recommended reasons: the hot springs hot springs is China’s top mountain forest in mount taishan, in here, learn TaiShan culture, admire the snow pine forests, enjoy quiet hot springs. Especially in winter, when bathe in the warm of Tang Chi, you will be surround by mountain forests, the flood MenShui, the echoes of low hum of the pines and the pure white patches of snow. Everything is no longer existed.

Tickets: (for individual)

  1. individual: front desk implement preferential price: adult is 138 yuan/person, 1.2-1.5m children perform 99 yuan/person, under 1.2 meters are free tickets.

2.discount package: 199 yuan/ person (including tickets, fish therapy, buffet, health care). If you want Health care, you can choose a pedicure  cleaning ear, cans, scrapping,  pressing head, pressing the back, rocking the back.

  1. Tickets will be sent if you get accommodation. Every room can get the same tickets according to the number of rooms you accommodate.
  2. 138 packages for you to choose: hot spring fish to + / hot spring ticket + back rubs.

Telephone: 0538-8959888 0538-8959666

Address: West of CuLai Mountain, Tai’an( 12kilomerteres of southern-East in Mountain Tai)


Tai’an→Taishan Hot Spring

Scheme 1: Taian unbran city→South of Longtan Road→Bridge of Mu Wen River→Taishan hot spring

Scheme 2: outer ring road→Tai  Liang Road→Taishan hot spring


Jinan→Taishan hot spring

Scheme 1:104 national road→Chang Cheng Road→Half-Way Gate to Heaven→South of Longtan Road→Bridge of Mu Wen River→Taishan hot spring

Scheme 2: Jing Fu high-way→Taishan Crossing Bridge→Tain-Xin high -way→South of Tai’an →Chang Cheng Road→Half-Way Gate to Heaven Street→South of Longtan Road→Bridge of Mu Wen River→Taishan hot spring

Scheme 3: Jing Fu high-way→West of Tai’an→Taishan Street→Changcheng Road →Half-Way Gate to Heaven Street→South of Longtan Road→South of Longtan Road→Bridge of Mu Wen River→Taishan hot spring

Jining→Taishan hot spring

Scheme 1: 104 national road→exit of Manzhuang→104 national road→the First Gate to the Heaven Street →South of Longtan Road→Bridge of Mu Wen River→Taishan hot spring

Laiwu\Zibo→Taishan hot spring

Scheme 1: Laibo High-way→ Tailai high-way→exit of Tai’an→Dongyue Street→Wenquan Street →outer ring road→Tai  Liang Road→Taishan hot spring

Scheme 2: Tailai high-way→Tailai high-way→exit of tai’an→Crossing bridge of Shengzhuang→Wenhua Road of Shengzhuang→Taishan hot spring


  1. Be sure pick up metal accessories, otherwise you will be very sad to find your jewelry has been sulfide into black.
  2. Be sure not to bathe hot spring after dinner, drink or on an empty stomach. It is better to enjoy hot spring after meal for one hour.
  3. Choose high, medium or low temperature of the hot spring pools, generally from low to high temperature, 15-20 minutes once.

4.You’d better not bathe for a long time otherwise you will have the feel of chest tightness, thirst, dizziness. It is better to take a breath or have a drink .

  1. It is better to smear moisturizing lotion for dry skin after soak hot springs, so as to avoid huge loss of skin moisture.
  2. Don’t bubble hot spring too hot or too acid, the suitable temperature is 30 ~ 45 ℃.
  3. It is best not to bubble alone in case of accidents.
  4. After bubble hot spring you don’t have to wash. But strongly acidic hot springs and hydrogen sulphide hot excitant bigger, you’d better wash again. In case of having side effects, more attention should be paid to the people who are allergic skin easily.
  5. According to water quality, hot spring generally divided into neutral carbonated spring, alkaline sodium bicarbonate springs, salt spring and sulfur spring. Different hot springs have different curative effect to diseases.

Such as ChanChunQuan which has all kinds of elements is good for  neuralgia, rheumatism, skin disease; For spring Contains carbon dioxide carbonated is good for treating  high blood pressure, heart disease. So before bubble hot spring, it is better to know the types of hot springs then choose one suiting to your own conditions. Thus we can truly achieve the intended purpose of bubble hot spring and avoid to bring harm to the body.