Shentongshan (Shentong Hill) scenic area is located in Geshi of Ningyang county. It covers an area of 14.1 m2, with Mt. Tai to its north, Qufu to its south and Liangshan to its west. It is 12 kilometers south to the city of Ningyang, and is conveniently located because there are national highways, expressways and railways that run past it.

Shentong Hill, with the peak of 548.1 meters, has steep cliffs, beautiful forests and springs. It is also rich in cultural resources with a lot of cultural heritages and folk legends.

Inside it there are more than 120 natural and cultural spots. For example, during the Qingming festival in early April, the pear blossoms attract thousands of visitors both from and from out of Shandong every year. This area is a national AAA level tourism area, a provincial geological and forest park, and a provincial model spot for farm tourism.

Admission: Free of tickets (Admission fees might be charged for the inside scenic spots. Admission fees are charged during national holidays.)

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Transportation: Tourists can take buses to Ningyang, and then transfer to express bus (Sidian to Shentongshan). Car drives can drive along national highway 104, and get off at Ciyao to Chaochai road, and then drive for about 15 kilometers.

Recommended shopping items and accommodations: Local tourism products are recommended, such as Ningyang jujube, jujube wood products, etc. There are also a number of restaurants and hotels near the scenic area, like Deyuelou, Runqingyuan, etc.

Tips: Every year around the Qingming Festival, there is the pear blossom festival, and in September there is the Ningyang jujube festival.