In the history of Chinese traditional operas, bangzi has always occupied an important position. Beginning from the Qing dynasty, it has a history of more than 300 hundred years and has developed its special feature.

Shandong bangzi, one important local Chinese opera, is one of the three local Chinese operas in Shandong, the other two being Lǚopera and Liu opera. It is also a part of Taishan culture.

The plays of Shandong bangzi cover a wide range of themes, such as the important figures in different dynasties, anti-violence, family affairs, legends, love, etc. The types of roles include Sheng (male role), Dan (female role), Chou (clown or comic role), and “flower-faced” role, so named because of the elaborate facial makeup required.

The Shandong bangzi opera group in Tai’an is the only professional bangzi opera group at the municipal level. Started in 1953, it has a history of more than fifty years and has performed and created various plays. Some of the plays even won provincial prizes and appeared on CCTV.

Reasons for Recommendation: Shandong bangzi is an old form of Chinese opera in Shandong. It has a history of more than 300 years and is featured by its Shandong elements. The opera is characterized by its bold, lively and energetic style, especially the amazing stunts. If you wish to know about the Shandong folk culture, it is recommended that you watch it.

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