Culai Mountain is the world geological park, national forest park, national AAA level scenic spots and natural reserve of Shandong province, which is called the sister-mountain with Taishan-Mountain, is the set of natural and cultural landscape as a whole mountain tourism scenic area, but also as a whole set of leisure, tourism, and convalescence resort.

Culai Mountain National Forest Park covers an area of 90 square kilometers with the forest coverage rate of 80.2%, vegetation coverage rate of 92.4%, 99  mountain peaks, the main peak Taiping top elevation 1028 meters. It has both northern rough vigorous spectacular, and Jiangnan elegant and charming scenery, known as the “Jiangbei Mountain Lu”.

In the park, there are rounding ranges of hills and stern cliffs, both deep and melodious Canyon, connected to the pond waterfall streams, dotted with reservoir, growing lush green forests, and the sky line buttes, Zixia door caves and shapes, lifelike stone; have as many as 797 species of plants, and nearly 800 species of insects animal.

Culai mountain human landscape is also very rich. There are a dozen Temple Buddhist nunnery temples, such as Four Buddhists Temple, Guanghua temple, two Saint temple, Lv Zuge, Great Mercy Temple, Hidden immortal Temple, and a dozen places of historic interest and scenic beauty, such as  the military tent, Zhuxi Liuyi hall, Culai academy, there are 15 stone inscriptions with Official script, Cursive, Seal script such as  “big paramita by”, “Taoist blast furnace”, “barren music rock “, “Wolong”, and also Cao Zhi, Li Bai, Du Fu and other scholars’ footprint and handwriting. To be proud of, in January 1, 1938, the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee launched the Anti Japanese armed uprising in Culai mountain, fired the first shot in Shandong Anti Japanese armed struggle. To commemorate the 50 anniversary of Culai mountain uprising victory, Shandong provincial Party committee, provincial government established “Culai mountain Anti Japanese armed uprising monument” in 1987 October, now it is a provincial-level key units of cultural relics protection. Since the establishment of the monument, tens of thousands of people came to pay respects in a continuous line  each year, it has become an important base for patriotic education of young people in Tai’an city.

Culai mountain, is also a good place for flowers. Every March, along the ring road winding drive line, forsythia flower first reveal their faces, to announce the arrival of spring. Beautiful Forsythia has not yet dispersed, the pagoda all over the mountains and plains has quietly hanging on the branches, then, “Barry fragrance Sophorae Festival” also opened. Because of different elevation, the pagoda within scenic areas from the first delivery times open, florescence is sustainable for about a month. Is the so-called “world April Fangfei end, temple peach blossom in full bloom begin”. sophora flower at the mountain bottom has been down to the ground, the hillside sophora flower in full bloom, the flowers on top are in bud. Then came to Culai mountain, you can can smell Sophorae unique fragrance and sweet before enter into the area. A string of white flowers on the branches  very closed to each other, layer after layer stacked together, came to be a great spectacular. From afar, it seems like the layers of snow lifted out of the green forest and covered the green too indistinct. Swim in the ocean of flowers, a gentle breeze blowing, the fragrance, gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind. The pagoda trees, honey bees, birds are singing.

Special snack: seasonal wild herbs, fried, fried lotus leaf, mint homemade wild herbs such as tofu special snack.

Product features: households in the mountains to buy firewood egg, chestnut, walnut and other native products.

Recommended reason: Culai Mountain National Forest Park is a national Forest Park, the National Geological Park and the world geological park. It is a set of natural and cultural landscape as a whole mountain tourism scenic area, and to be taken as sisters with Taishan mountain. Culai mountain is the Taoist, Buddhist holy land, it has more than 30 ancient temple ruins, especially the “mahaprajnaparamita Sutra”, “paramita” famous, which originate same with “Taishan stone Valley” and “ Diamond Sutra ”. Culai mountain is the holy land of Shandong Province during the Anti Japanese armed uprising revolution, and built the “Anti Japanese armed uprising monument” wroted by marshal Xu Xiangqian, is the base for provincial patriotic education.

Tickets: 50 yuan.

Tel: 0538-8090017.

Address: Tai’an city Daiyue District Fangcun village temple.

Transporation: (1) along the Longtan Road through the Tai’an high tech Zone, to take fast track Culai mountain tourism, direct access to the scenic spot.

(2) along the Tailai high-speed, to take the direction of Shengzhuang Town, and  Along the Tailou Road the road south to turn left go straight, turn left at the south-west of the village (signs), arrived at the scene.

(3) starting from the Tai’an area along the Thai building highway (Tai’an to Loude) south for 19 kilometers, southwest Wang Cun turn left (signs), arrived at the scene.

Tips: It will cost about one day for the tour of Culai Mountain National Forest Park, please wear shoes or cloth shoes, with particular attention to fire into the coat, should pay attention to safety after the play. There are many wild herbs and springs and many others, visitors can not arbitrarily picking and drinking. The scenic area is large, suitable for driving tour; walk up the mountain, to the top spot after the original road return, not to visit the photochemical Guanghua Temple scenic area.