The musical play Love in Mt. Tai—Shigandang is adapted from the legendary story between Shigandang and Chilinyu (red scale fish). It was first shown on August 29, 2013 in Tai’an Cultural and Art Center—a landmark building of Tai’an

The play tells the story of Shigandang who fights against the devils in order to protect the local people. It also tells the love story between Shigandang and Chilinyu. In the story, there are many evil spirits which not only harm the local people but also try every means to persecute Chilinyu. Shigandang is so brave that he fights against these devils and defeat them so that people can live in peace. In the end, Shigandang changes into a giant stone that stands on the top of Mt. Tai so that he can protect the people forever. Chilinyu is so moved that she finally turns into the shape of a fish and stays with Shigandang forever.

In the play there are musicals, dances, performances, wushu, acrobatics, jujitsu and magic. With beautiful music, enchanting songs, vivid performance and colorful stage settings, the plays takes the spectators into that magical world.

Reasons for Recommendation: The moving love story between Shigandang and Chilinyu is represented by a modern musical play. The performance is so vivid that it is as if the story were happening just beside the spectators.

Address: No 1, Tianping Stree, Tai’an Grand Theatre, Tai’an Cultural and Art Center

Time: 19:30-21:00 every day since August 29

Booking hotline: 400-166-0538, 0538-8776666

Transportation: 1) Take bus 8, 25 or 34 and get off at Wangyue East Road(Tai’an Cultural and Art Center);

2) Take bus 5, 10, K15, 19, 23, 25, K31, 32, K33 and get off at Yichulianchua (Lotus supermarket) and walk south for 500 meters