Hesheng (sage of harmony)is located at Liuli of Gongli Town, home of Liu Xiahui, a famed sage in the history of China. Liu Xiahui’s virtue and his ideas had such a profound influence on Confucius that Confucius and Mencius sang high praise for him. He is viewed as the sage of harmony by people. In this area, there is a statue of Liu Xiahui and his home, ancestral hall, and tomb. Combining the beauty of natural landscape, ancient culture and modern gardening, it is a theme park for relaxation, sightseeing, amusement, education and cultural experience.

Admission: RMB 50

Address: Gongli Town of Xintai

Tel: 0538-7786123

Tips: In spring and summer, tourists can pick fruits and vegetables, which are pesticide and fertilizer free, during their tour around the area.

Tourism festivals are held regularly in the garden.

1) Temple fair. According to the local customs, the 15th of the third month of the lunar calendar is the birthday of Taishan Granny. On this day, there has been a temple fair in which there are performances, business negotiations, Buddhist activities.

2) Culture and art festival. This festival has been held every May since 2005, during which famous scholars from home and abroad are invited to carry out academic researches, lectures, exhibitions related to Liu Xiahui.

3) Fishing week. In the garden there is a fishing center of 43,000 m2, which was built in 2001. In the center there are fishes of more than 10 kinds. Every October a fishing competition is held here, which attracts thousands of fishing lovers from Shandong province.

4) Lantern Festival. The lantern festival has been held for six times since 2001. During the festival, thousands of lanterns are exhibited, which attracted more than 50,000 visitors every day.


1) Drive along Jinghu Expressway, get off at Zaoyuan, drive south along highway 09 for 20 kilometers till Mengguan road, and then drive east along Mengguan road for 3 kilometers.

2) Drive along Jinghu Expressway, get off the Shilai, drive down 1 kilometer till Mengguan road, and drive west along Menguan road for 15 kilometers.

3) Drive along national highway 104 to Mengguan road, and drive east along Mengguan road for 25 kilometers.

4) Drive along Jinghu Expressway, get off at Xintai, and then drive west along Mengguan road for 45 kilometers.

Reasons for recommendation: Hesheng Garden is a theme cultural park, a good combination of gardening and the northern culture in China. The scenic areas include Hesheng’s home, Hesheng’s statue, rose garden, zoo, etc. Besides, tourists can also pick parsimonies, chestnut and pears in the garden.