Going into the Fangte joyous world, as if goes into the fairy tale world, a childlike cartoon castle, fantasy childlike conch Bay, A joyous feast is waiting for you to taste, happy kingdom door waiting for you to open it!

Taishan Fangte joyous world is the fourth generation of large high-tech science fiction theme park, it is consisted of 17 themes project area,including the dino crisis, over the limit, the mysterious river vally, LiaoZhai( Ghost Stories); Vesuvius volcano, conch Bay, police in the future, the light of life, which includes 300 projects including entertainment, leisure and landscape. In the Scenic area, it comprehensively uses the sound, light, electricity, digital technology, automatic control, artificial intelligence and other high-tech means to display Chinese five thousand years culture including the Taishan culture, to visitors. Visitors can experience the unique charm of modern technology and the history culture in the experience project with the atmosphere of combination of “virtualness and reality” , illusions, and dynamic and interactive experience. The intellectual property rights of all the software and hardware technology of these projects are owned by Shenzhen Huaqiang independently with the international  first-class level, which is chinese own cultural industry theme park in the true sense, also the largest theme park in China.

Interstellar flight: a brilliant star wars, experience a distant space in the world of high speed flight!

all passengers note, please fasten your safety belt, interstellar flight will take off! We will take you to travel between the infinite universe and stars, comets and meteors, peer, to explore the mysteries of space. In the luxurious space cabin, you can leisurely watch the starry universe, also be full stimulation of star wars. In the music and sound effects against the backdrop of these adventures, that will make you unforgettable. The flight had taken off, space travel is about to begin! Interstellar flight set the advanced computer control technology, has a high degree of simulation motion platform and large ball screen movies together, let you experience a distant space in the world of high-speed flight, experiencing a star wars with heart–stirring.

Over the limit: the international first-class aloft simulation experience project.

It is hard to have a real fly in lifetime, hanging ball screen theater “over the limit”, will be realize you the dream of flying. We will take you to fly in the sky, or falling down the canyon, or through Eiffel Tower, or hovering on the summit of Everest, or whistling in the long stretches of the Great Wall, or view the Pearl of the Oriental bright at night. when viewing the scenery at the same time to experience the true feelings of the unprecedented  flying. Come on, let’s flying with wings! Over the limit project is a large suspension type ball screen theater, the ball screen film footage, suspension seat system and all kinds of special effects together, so that visitors feel the hitherto unknown flying true feelings in the process of watching the ball screen in the film.

Conch Bay: in a beautiful world of the ocean floor, a colorful three-dimensional ocean! A grand sea Carnival show began.

In the blue ocean world, the fish are happy with life, how interesting stories will happen between them? Is there laughing ortears? Wear glasses to come with me, and together go into a riot of colors and vitality of the underwater world, to enjoy the wonderful and lovely animal of the ocean.

This is a combination of a large screen, which plays the stereo video environment 4D theater with real landscape and large mechanical action model.

Using a variety of performance means, combine the machine mold, smoke, photoelectric and other special effects, to show the audience a place in conch Bay story, let you enjoy the spectacular undersea inhabitants in the joy of the beautiful underwater world.

Ghost stories: large magic theater.

A flower dream, but suddenly fleet; once promise, unexpectedly to have a lifetime to wait. Ghost stories, a world of unfinished love with a ghost, a love legend across the two circles of the Yin and Yang. Two loving hearts separated forever, this is what kind of pain?! The past is still true to life likeness, be visible in the eyes; look back again, but is a hundred years passed. In the recollection of the past, tourists forget their existence, laughing and crying together with the hero of the story, and  mixed the memories and real world together. The performance of optical principle of phantom imaging, showing a magical scene combination, simulation, real ground, sky characters disappear and a series of special effects, the strange tales of the perfect ghost stories, staged a lively and mysterious ghost love, strange feelings will be brought to the tourists. You’d better to take the paper towel for being moved tears!

Dulu Dubi farm: a multi-function interactive theatre, and interactive talk show program with Dubi.

Childlike Dulu Dubi farm is a small dinosaur “Dulu Dubi” home, it is the children’s paradise! The hospitable Dulu Dubi like to share his everything with friends, you can be guest to their home, and you can also chat, play games, and make funny with them! Before leaving, the careful Dubi is also not forget to take pictures with friends. In fact, all this should due to the high-tech achievement with multi function, interactive movie bring new modes of communication can let the kids in the Dubi farm sanctuary!

Dulu Dubi theatre is a multifunctional rear projection facilities, the audience can perform interactive dialogue and acting film roles for entertainment project in zero distance. The whole project tell the story of the legendary cartoon- Dulu Dubi life with the ways of cartoon style, story, character and interact with the audience and so on, which  let you experience the endless fun in a story.

The Vesuvius volcano: create a unique geological wonders, experience high speed winding operation of thrills!

It becomes a habit to scream for the roller coaster to take the shuttle in the volcano in the roller coaster, how do you feel? Vesuvius volcano will give you the answer. In addition to take you to create the perfect rapidly falling, bending and rolling Vesuvius volcano feelings, in particular, the roller coaster high-speed shuttle is a winding and any possible outbreak of volcano! All danger will be triggered at any moment with Smoke and red hot lava, which will let you experience a stimulating at the same time!

Vesuvius volcano is Chinese first large volcano adventure project, the wonders of volcano eruption of the natural world will appear in the scenic central, the huge mountain body is as if magma cools the ground. In the middle night, the volcano shine star, rumbling volcano ring from the sky.

Recommended reason: Taishan Fangte joyous world known as the “Oriental Dream Park”, contains a number of world-class large-scale projects, the vast majority   suit all ages. Here are the international first-class aloft experience project “over the limit”, large dynamic space flight experience project “interstellar flight” Chinese first large volcano exploration project “Vesuvi volcano”, large dinosaurs of the world’s most advanced resurrection disaster experience project “dinosaur crisis”, unpredictable China traditional myth of magic interpretation of the “ghost story”, colorful, dream like “conch bay”, interactive cartoon magic show “Dubi farm”…… This is a pretty big happy feast, this is a magical dream park, this is a science fiction adventure Fantasy Kingdom, wonderful world, waiting for you to explore!

Tickets: 200 yuan for adult; 150 yuan for children’s tickets person.

Opening hours: daily, 9:30 – 17:00; 9:00 – 17:30 on Saturday and sunday.

Tel: 0538-8526888.

Address: North of Mingtang Road, Taishan East New District, Tai’an City.

Transportation: 1、 from the other city to Tai’an route: from Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei city to Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu Expressway and turn to Beijing-Fuzhou Expressway and finally to Tai’an West; from Henan, Northern Anhui, north city of Jiangsu  to Beijing-Shanghai/ Beijing-Fuzhou Expressway and then to Tai’an East; from Yantai, Weihai and Qingdao to take the high-speed Bolai high speed, and turn Tailai high speed, and finally arrives in  Tai’an. 2、 the city bus routes downtown: take the road 1, Road 7 bus to Taishan Fangte  joyous world. 3、 the self driving route: from the urban Midwest Road to go north to the ring road and go straight east to “Fangte”; In  the east city ,you can drive north from Xiaojing Turntablethe and drive along the Taiming road to the ring road to Fangte.

Meals: meals in the park for visitors including cakes, pasta, Hamburg, traditional Chinese food, drinks and so on, Chinese and Western Food, meet the needs of different tastes, and provide enough power for your special journey of joy!

Tips: In the park, there are “water world” and “Mysterious Valley” project, please prepare a raincoat. In additionly, please bring a good sunscreen, sunshade (CAP) and water.