With the tiny spots in the night sky, and on the unique stage with gorgeous dazzling neon and military hardware —the five thousand years history stories of Qin, Han, Tang, song, and Qing dynasties is performing here, in which reappear the five emperors paying worship, to Taishan . Here, is the Taishan sacrificial ceremony live performance.

It is regarded as a symbol of national prosperity and Peace reigns over the land to hold sacrificial ceremony in Taishan. According to historical records, since the Qin Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty more than 2000 years, there are have been more than ten emperors of Qin Shihuang, Wu Di, Tang  Gaozong, Tang Xuanzong, Song Zhenzong, Kangxi, Qian Long and others to Taishan hold sacrifice. Chinese Taishan worship ceremony performance with large-scale landscape is to take the old sacrificial culture as a creative material, there are more than 500 actors in the real play, in which the climbing history scene of five emperors of Qin, Han, Tang, song, Qing reappeared with Tianzhufeng peak as the background. The plays mainly manifestates  Chinese fear of heaven and earth spirit guide, promoting  and singing the spirit of “The harmony between man and nature” in Chinese history and culture.

The theatre building is located in Taishan east, the basic perform area is like a huge sacrificial platform. In coordination with the stage lighting effects and the surrounding of mountain forest background, it will give the audience a conception of typical natural environment and history, the audience will get the visual and auditory feeling and enjoy a new experience in the theater. With the performing process, stage and huge LED screen will appear chaotic primitive, military war in ancient China Qin, Han Dynasty’s Confucianism elegant, prosperous Tang, The artistic mood of Beisong dynasty and Ethnic fusion of the Qing— the modern acousto optic technology brings audience the infinite imagination space.


Recommended reason: Taishan sacrificial ceremony is a Picture scroll to show Taishan  culture. Taishan is a historical mountain, while the sacrificial ceremony reflects the culture of Taishan through live performance, return to the original history by real performance, this historical symbol in a bright pearl chain, dotted Taishan, is also dotted city of Tai’an. Here, you’ll find out that, it is such a wonderful enjoyment to have a dialogue with sky through history.

Address: Taishan tianzhufeng scenic spot.

Transporation: you can take the No.19 bus from the train station to the scenic spot.

Time: every night 20:00 – 21:00.

Scenic area telephone: 0538-5882088.

Tickets: the Taishan sacrificial ceremony auditorium is divided into four zones. 298 yuan for District A; 258 yuan for District B ; 208 yuan for District C; 168 yuan for District D.

Tips: because the acting was affected greatly by the temperature from March to November each year. the temperature is low at the top of the mountain, tourists friends should prepare thick clothes please!