The Dongping Lake scenic area is composed of more than 100 scenic spots, including Shuihu(Water Margin)film and TV city, Liugongshan shuihu fastness, Juyi island, etc. Among them, Dongping Film and TV Base with the shuihu film and TV city as the leading base covers an area of 300 square kilometers where are and will be filmed many films and TV dramas. Dongping film and TV base is intended to be built as the largest base in the north of China with unique characteristics. Among other scenic spots, Liugongshan Shuihu fastness is the world’s biggest Shuihu fastness; Daicun Dam is known as the Dujiangyan in the north; and on Baifo hill there is the biggest Cliffside Buddha of the Sui Dynasty in Shandong province.

Dongping Lake, surrounded with hills on three sides, has a beautiful scenery. There are many cultural heritages around it. On the eastern bank is the base of Songjiang, leader of the heroes in Shuihu. There is also the tomb of Liu Cang of the Houhan Dynasty and that of his descendants. On the western bank is the original course of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. There is also Sili hill, the gathering place of such Shuihu heroes as Chao Gai, Lashan hill, a national forest park, and Yuyan temple which was built in the Sui Dynasty. On the northern bank is the temple of Chengyaojin, a general of the Tang Dynasty, the tomb of “Overlord Chu”, a leader of uprising, and beautiful Huashan scenic spot. To the southeast of the lake is the relic site of Lejiaochi Pavilion, which was built in the Song Dynasty. Ouyang Xiu, one of the eight literary masters of the Tang and Song Dynasties, once toured here and wrote a poem in praise of the pavilion. Under the water of Dongping lake, there is a stone bridge, which was built in the Sui Dynasty. It was built even 5 years earlier than the famous Zhaozhou bridge in north China’s Hebei province.

At the center of Dongping lake is a small island, called Juyi Island. It is in a shape of an oval. On the island, there is a temple called Guanyintang. Inside the temple there was a big bell, which had its pair bell in the courtyard of Dongying. It is said if one bell was knocked, the other would echo the sound it gave. However, there are only the relics of the bell as the temple has been destroyed. Besides, there is the relic site of Huiyan Pavilion, which was built by Su Yuanming, a famous poet in the Tang Dynasty. Dongping Lake has such a beautiful scenery that a lot of poets in history, such as Li Bai, Han Yu, Bai Juyi, Li Shangyin and Xin Qiji, have left poems in praise of its beauty.

Reasons for recommendation: Dongping Lake is the only extant water area of the Eight Hundred Li Liangshan Lake described in the novel of Shuihu, one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature.

If you wish to experience the spirits of the ancient heroes, Dongping Lake is an ideal place for you to realize the dream.


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