Years before, a beautiful film “in the mood for love” ,mainly acted the leading role by Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung ,has became a memory of an era. And in Tai’an, there is also an “in the mood for love”, it is “Taishan colorful flower” scenic area, this is the world of flower, here is the water of the ocean, allowing visitors to enjoy the sweet taste of flower water fun.

Taishan colorful flower scenic area is a famous national mood of the film base, is a collection of leisure and sightseeing, experiencing the excitement as one of the national AAAA level scenic spots. It is the education base of popular science in Shandong Province, also the research practice base of Beijing Normal University, Shandong Agricultural University, Taishan University; the practice base of Shandong, Jiangsu, Henan and Anhui small press, the strategic partners with the Chinese tourism salon, also the film base for TV series “people”, the 30 episode TV serials “like a flower love” and so on. The scenic area covers an area of 1200 acres with a water park, dream flower, fantasy island, orchid garden, tropical garden, Tianhe Park, M-Zone, Millennium crape myrtle and other attractions.

Yalong Bay Water Park

Yalong Bay water park is the largest, the most stimulation and the most fun outdoor water park in Asia. It Covers an area of 200000 square meters, with its majestic towering Taishan as the background and built the the world’s largest tsunami pool covering an area of 20000 square meters. China largest man-made beach with an area of 4000 square meters is laying before the Tsunami pool. The longest rafting river in Asia is built around the entire park, which  has more than 10 kinds of rafting effects. We introduced 11 sets of large aquatic amusement equipment, such as  Asia’s first water cannon, the largest horn slideway of Asian, the highest speed slide of Asia, largest cupola cyclotron in China, the largest water park in China, in addition with the pavilion in the park, which fully embodies the integration of Taishan style, China elements and the world.

Dream flower

Dream flower is to take flower as the theme with the high-tech exhibition hall of international advanced level and take  Tai’an regional culture as the background. It is composed of four parts ,which is “the beautiful space”, “4D Dream Tour”, “orchid of illusions” and “flowering childhood”, which create an illusions’  world with using the sound, light, electricity, shadow and other high-tech means.

Future Garden

Future garden is a high-tech demonstration park of modern agriculture with the domestic highest level. The construction area has 20000 square meters, it is  composed of four intelligent greenhouse,which are “Jiangbei Southland, colorful Melon-Shed, four seasons oasis, flowers and plants court. Using the cultivation methods of Soilless, three-dimensional, garden, Heteromorphosis , to focus on the highest level of science and technology in contemporary Chinese agriculture.

Tropical customs

Tropical custom is having ecological hotel with exotic garden style home. In this part, there are theme sculpture area, tropical rain forest, desert customs display area, exotic South Town and ethnic characteristics dining area with the accommodation of  thousands of people. “Taishan colorful flower” scenic area is also provided with a Fast hotel and tourism supermarkets, which can respectively let you enjoy the green Food, watch the wonderful events and offers a superb collection of souvenirs for you.

Recommended reason: “Taishan colorful flower” scenic area is beautiful, it is a land of idyllic beauty! It is a fashional and modern park! It is a countryside garden with the wings of science and technology! It is a flower garden bringing romantic magic belt to the world! Here, you will have homelike feeling and enjoy the fresh ,nature and  simplicity! tourism will make you younger, here is the world of water and sea of flowers. Le’s come to get together at the foot of Taishan and met in “Taishan colorful flower” scenic area.

Tickets: 80 yuan. (including the future garden, dream flowers, Tianhe Park, tropical customs) of self-pay experience projects:  go-kart, 50 yuan /6 minutes / person; 4D Dream Tour, 10 yuan / times / person; 3D rail car, 15 yuan / times / person; scenic sightseeing cars, 5 yuan / Zhang /4.

Address: middle part of Bo Yang road, Tai’an  city.

Tel: 0538-6579999.

Transporation: to take bus 13 at the train station. If self- driving tour, there are three routes to choose: drive to Tailai high-speed way from “xiaojing” intersection to the east of  Dongyue Avenue, and drive down at the gateway of  Qiujiadian town and Shengzhuang town with the scenic signs, go South 800 meters cross the railway; Go straight to the East Ring Road to the eastern end of the T-junction and  turn right to south driving for 6 kilometers (cross the railway) ,Road East is the scenic area; Walk South- Outer- Ring Road (Panhe River Street) to the east straight to the T-junction and turn to the right straight to Bo Yang road (formerly Shengzhuang Huayi road)and turn left to go 800 meters to the East side of the way.