Located in the west of Feicheng, the Chunqiu(the Spring and Autumn Period, 770 BC-476 BC) Ancient City, with its construction incorporating the architecture style of the north and the essence of the culture of the Spring and Autumn Period, is a top brand of the industry. Feicheng is the hometown of Tso Ch’iu Ming, author of the famous book Zuozhuang (Zuo’s commentary on Spring and Autumn annals). The city is intended to reproduce the styles of the architecture of six states in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, and to represent the cultural elements of those periods. The center of the city, the Spring and Autumn Cultural Garden, is designed to be composed of seven gardens: Lu, Qi, Qin, Jin, Song, Chu and Wu (the seven states in that period). After its completion, the city will become a center of ancient culture as well as of recreation. It is aimed to be developed into a national AAAAA scenic area and one of the most popular tourism destinations in China.

Admission: Free

Contact: 137-0538-2486

Address: No 77, Longshan Road, Feicheng

Transportation: Take taxies from Feicheng city

Reasons for Recommendation: Chunqiu Ancient City makes a perfect place for people to experience the cultures of the Spring and Autumn. There are six theme squares, cultural parks and public buildings, where tourists may have opportunities of admiring the musical instruments and appreciating the music and dances of the Spring and Autumn Period. Besides, they can also see the exhibitions of peach blossoms and peach wood sculptures.