Fan Li(about 536 BC-448 BC), with the courtesy name Shao Bo, was a prestigious thinker, statesman, and strategist in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. He became a successful businessman in his later years and was famous as a rich person. In history, he is remembered as a great talent in administration, military strategy and business.

In his early life, Fan Li left the state of Chu for the state of Yue, and helped the King Goujian to defeat the state of Wu. After the victory, he resigned from his ministerial post, and left the state of Yue. He went to do business and became rich. Later in order to avoid troubles from officials, he did his business at Taoshan of Feicheng. He is considered as a sage of business.

According to historical records, Fan Li spent the rest of his life at Taoshan and was buried there after his death. There are still stories about his prosperous business at Taoshan and his love with Xi Shi, one of the four ancient Chinese beauties.

The construction of the Chinese Confucian Entrepreneurs Cultural Park at Taoshan is composed of the main project and supporting projects. It is built with Fan Li as the core cultural element and the Confucian entrepreneurship as the cultural bond. It is intended not only as the cradle of the Chinese Confucian Entrepreneurs, but also a global large-scale themed cultural park for studying, worship, sightseeing, tourism, entertainment and so on. The construction of the park was started on June 27, 2012. There are altogether 3 phases, with an overall construction period of 8 years. The first phase focuses on the worshipping area of Fan Li and the exhibition area of the Chinese Confucian entrepreneur culture. After its completion, Chinese Confucian entrepreneur cultural festival and the grand worshipping rituals of Fan Li will be held. The second phase in mainly intended for international conferences related to the Chinese Confucian entrepreneurs. Therefore mansions, conference centers, hotels, and business centers will be built. The third phase will see the construction of Chinese Confucian entrepreneurship research institutes, holiday centers, sports fields, etc.

Reasons for recommendation: The Chinese Confucian Entrepreneurs Cultural Park at the north of Feicheng is a part of the Mt. Tai National Geological Park. It is a place where Fan Li used to live with Xi Shi and a cradle of the early Chinese business culture. It is a prosperous place with rocky hills, unique stones, lakes, caves, etc. There are also more than 20 historical relics.