Taian China

From 6th to 12 in September each year, the ancient Taian city will become a sea of joy, happiness “climbing songs” spread each corner in the city…… Because, this is charm of Taishan international mountain climbing festival!

Taishan international mountaineering festival has been held twenty-six times since 1987. This year, the twenty-seventh festival will be held .In september 1987, approved by the Shandong provincial government, the all China Sports Federation group ministry, China Mountaineering Association, the first Taishan international mountaineering activities, started.1991 Since 1991, to further expand the mountaineering activities, Tai’an municipal Party committee, City government and the all China Sports Federation, Chinese Mountaineering Association agreed, it was renamed “Taishan International Mountain Festival” starting from the fifth session, and is scheduled to be held in September 6th each year, and follow the previous session times mountaineering activities. 1995, approved by the State General Administration of sports, mountaineering activities was listed as national official event, and was named  :“national fitness Taishan competition”. Since then, Climbing Festival has rich content, scale and influence expanded year by year, become a multi series, multi level international event. It has been rated as “Chinese ten Festival”, “Chinese ten brand tourism festival”. Taishan International Mountain Festival, is large scale with high level. In twenty-six years, during the Taishan International Mountain Festival, we held, more than 50 cultural, sports, tourism and large national, international activities in Tai’an City. The activities include: opening ceremony and Gala, national fitness Taishan competition and International Invitation comepitation , Taishan jogging activities for million people, “champion of Taishan” Chinese • Taishan mountaineering series Grand Prix finals, China Tai’an investment cooperation Fair, international tourism culture week, the Taishan International Balloon Invitational, Taishan international rock climbing race, National Wushu competition, the international cycling tournament, “the Chinese sentiment, spirit of Taishan” large-scale theatrical performances, the Asian Games torch relay, the Taishan International Music Festival, Taishan-the Fuji mountain  Friendship  Day, Taishan summit of world famous mountain cooperation. The annual Climbing Festival have provincial leaders and national leaders to attend the opening ceremony, such as13 national leaders , who are Yang Dezhi, Gu Mu, A Pei Awang Jinme, Yang Chengwu, Fei Xiaotong, Wang Guangying, Peng Peiyun, Zhou Tienong Wang Wenyuan, Jiang Chunyun  and nearly 100 provincial leaders attended the opening ceremony. State National Grand Duke of Luxemburg ,the members of Japan’s parliament and Government officials of South Korea, Germany, Canada, Greece, have participated in the opening ceremony. There are mountain climbers from 33 countries and regions participated in the mountaineering Invitational tournament. Peng Liyuan, Song Zuying, Li Guyi, Kelly Chan, Luo Dayou, Yang Kun and many other stars have attended the opening ceremony. The climbing Festival has been broadcasted live or taped by CCTV and  Shandong TV station.

In twenty-six years, under the correct leadership of the municipal Party committee and  City government, under the Taishan Climbing Festival, the undertaking department make changing ideas to hold the festival and promote the festival system, rich the festival content, expand the influence to make the Taishan international mountain climbing festival a window of propaganda for Tai’an and a platform to promote the development of economic activities and tourism culture. It is an International Festival brand with certain influence nationally and Internationally. The festival has increasingly become a major event in the city people’s political, economic and social and cultural life. In July 2011, Taishan international mountain climbing festival was listed  in the “Shandong province countryman is recreational development compendium” by the provincial government, it has become the key festival brand supported by provincial government.

Time: September 6th — 12 days each year.

Recommended reason:

In September, though it is in an invigorating autumn climate, but Taian city is immersed in a warm atmosphere. Taishan International Mountain Climbing Festival  welcome  all tourists with melodic songs. This is the carnival of the city, also the international feast of tourism for domestic and abroad.

Going into the mountain climbing Festival, you can not only climb the head of the five sacred mountains, but also can be integrated into the “happy Tai’an” in the international tourism culture week with flavor Food week and enjoy the joy of sports in the dragon boat tournament…… At this moment, you will be intoxicated in the profound cultural foundation……

Coming into the Taishan international mountain-climbing festival and coming  into the “happy Tai’an” to feel the “happy tourism ”!