Taian China

Taishan Dongyue Temple Fair held annually in April, is the stage of Tai’an folk custom. Historically, before and after Taishan God’s birthday in the annual Lunar New Year in March twenty-eight, there will always be a grand temple activities in Taishan. Temple fairs in Taishan can be traced back to the Western Han Dynasty, and  after 2000 years of development, Taishan Dongyue Temple Fair has become the source of the Chinese temple fair culture, which is the stage for China folk culture and for world typical temple fair culture. Today, the ancient temple fair has been endowed with new content, to radiate a more attractive, and become a new bright spot in Taishan tourism.

Time: from March 31st to May 7th each year.

Location: Dai Temple.

Recommended reason:

Dongyue Temple Fair outstanding the folk religion and culture, mining and show the accumulation of years of history of Taishan from the full range. From the unique charm of the folk art to the entertainment Competition heart-stirring; from the Colorful Folk Handicraft to the new fashion of tourism commodities; from the worship ceremony to mountain to the ancient emperors sacrificial ceremony. The visitors are like stepping into the folk culture of the grand view garden.