Taian China

Ningyang Pear Blossom Festival is held in March and April each year in Shentong hill of Ningyang. The pear trees are irregularly scattered on the hill, which makes a harmonious scene. It is like a traditional Chinese landscape ink painting, and also like a giant potted landscape. When tourists stroll in the garden, they are indulged in a sea of pear blossoms and can get totally overwhelmed by its beauty. Besides, tourists can also watch performances and climb hill.

With tourism paving the way for economic and trading activities, during the festival, there will be activities like touring in the pear tree garden, Guanyin nunnery temple fair, photography contest, business and trade negotiations, etc.

Time: March and April

Telephone: +86-538-6345567

Tips: Tourists could walk along the directed route from the entrance of Shentong Hill or Guanyin Nunnery. Or they could choose to take the sight-seeing buses.

Reasons for Recommendation: There are a lot of poems for pear blossoms. The festival provides people with the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the pear blossoms in spring.