Taian China

Ningyang jujube possesses a unique quality and is believed to be beneficial to people’s health and longevity according to the traditional Chinese medicine.

Every September and November in Ningyang county, which is well-known for its jujube, a grand jujube festival will be held in the jujube orchard where there are jujube trees of more than 10,000 mu. Tourists can relaxed themselves in the orchard by picking and tasting the crispy and sweet jujubes, photographing, fishing, shopping, etc. They can also go to the local households to enjoy the local life style by doing field work,  eating local food and living in the local cottages.

Time: September 9 – October 9

Address: Haoyun Zaoyuan(Haoyun jujube orchard) in Shentongshan scenic area of Ningyang County

Telephone: +86-538-6345567

Reasons for Recommendation: Tourists can take sight-seeing buses and touring among the jujube trees. They can also climb on the three-storied observatory deck to get a bird view of the whole orchard. They are also recommended to pray under the “king” of jujube trees and to boat on the lake. Besides, tourists are also welcome to shop at the jujube product exhibition where there are not only products made out of jujube dates, but also handicrafts made out of jujube wood.