Taian China

Feicheng is most famous for is peach, and growing peach has a history of more than 1,700 years. Now in Feicheng, there are the peach gardens of 100,000 mu.

In recent years, Feicheng has held 12 peach blossom festivals and 6 national peach wood product design competitions. The peach blossom festival serves now as a good platform for tourism, cultural exchanges, commodity promotion, and peach wood product design competition, which has brought remarkable economic and social benefits for Feicheng. Now the festival has become one of the four big peach blossom festivals in China, and won a national tourism festival prize.

Time: April to May every year

Address: Liutai Peach Blossom Garden, Central Peach Garden

Tel: 0538-3218068

Reasons for Recommendation: The festival provides tourists with a paradise of peach blossoms and attracts tourists from home and abroad in April and May every year. The pink blossoms and the fragrance make everyone intoxicated and indulged in the beauty of the blossom gardens.