Taian China

Feicheng is famous for its peaches. In spring people go to feicheng to watch the peach blossoms, while in autumn people go there to taste the peaches. The festival is a new ecological way of tourism in which people can pick and taste peaches, and at the same time have pleasure in the farm households. Every year the period from late August to mid-September is the time for peaches to ripen, and therefore is the best time to eat peaches as they are sweetest in this period. As peaches cannot be stored for a long time, it is best to eat peaches in the peach garden immediately after picking them down from the trees. There have been developed altogether 10 peach gardens in Feicheng where tourists can pick the peaches from the trees by themselves and eat them so that they can experience the pleasure of doing farm work.

Time: August and September

Address: Central Peach Garden Areas

Telephone: +86-538-3218068

Reasons for Recommendation: The peach garden is a place which attracts tourists from home and abroad every year. It is a place where you can be far away from the hustle and bustle of city life and be close to nature. It is a place where you can enjoy the peaceful farm life and totally forget your worries and stress. So come and indulge yourselves in the pleasure given by the golden autumn peace festival.