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The Dongping Shuihu(Water Margin) cultural festival, organized by the government of Dongping, is a grand festival based on the theme of Shuihu. It was started in 2006, and was held every year with new elements and activities added to each year’s festival. Now it has become a brand for the local tourism. In order to build an international tourism destination, Dongping has completed a series of tourism projects since 2009,  such as Shuihu Old Town, Shuihu Movie and TV Base, Liugongshan Shuihu Fastness, Shuihu Holiday Hotel, etc. The new version of TV series Shuihu was filmed in Dongping, which marks the fact that Shuihu tourism has been well recognized.The holding of Shuihu festival has greatly enhanced the reputation of the Dongping Lake, and has promoted spread of Shuihu culture and the tourism of Dongping. It is sure to be more successful in fulfilling its tasks.

Time: September 9-October 9

Address: Dongping Lake Scenic area, Dongping

Telephone: +86-538-2850885

Reasons for Recommendation: Tourists can boat in Dongping Lake and experience the culture of Shuihu. Also they can pick water chestnut and caltrop in the wetland. Besides, they also have the opportunity of watching fish eagles catch fish and tasting the local delicacies of Dongping.